Sub Committees of the Board

Lake Committee – Chair: David Biehl

The purpose of the Lake Committee is to recommend actions and projects to the Board for preserving and enhancing the health, conservation, and quality of the lake, dam, beaches and boat basins. The Committee works to promote safe and appropriate operation of recreational lake activities.

Safety and Health Committee – Chair: Maureen Dicker

The purpose of the Public Safety Committee is to provide recommendations and guidance on matters of employee and community Safety.

By-Laws Committee Charter – Chair: Carol Caroll

The purpose of the Bylaws Committee is to review, on an on-going basis, the Bylaws of PLA, recommend changes to the Board, and draft changes as requested by the Board

Rules and Regulations Committee – Chair: Bill Fisher

The Purpose of the rules and Regulations Committee is to ensure the Rules and Regulations are current. Make recommendations to the Board for revisions.

Community Connection Committee – Chair: Steve Russell

The purpose of the Community Connection is to promote social interaction between members by planning community events

Community Planning Committee – Chair: Steve Prall

The Purpose of the Community Planning Committee is to develop a long-term Master Plan for maintenance and Capital improvements that increase property values, provide recreational amenities for he residents, and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

Election Committee Charter – Chair: Sandy Schoenholtz

The purpose of the Election Committee is to manage the election of the Board members in accordance with the by-laws.

Property Committee Charter – Chair: Francis Minien

Provide recommendations and guidance on the proper usage, maintenance and improvement of common areas not covered by the Lake Committee or Road Committee.
This includes: office building, pavilion, field, mailbox area, beach parking lot, office parking lot, playground, 113 acres of woods (trails and ATV area), etc.

Road Committee – Chair: Ann Ellison

Provide recommendations and guidance on the proper usage, maintenance and improvement of the roads, including culverts, gullies/ditches and anything that affects them.

Grievance Committee – No Chair

Hearing with four (4) peers – The President, Vice President, Chair of the relevant Committee and a member of the community

To meet the requirements of Article III, Section 6 of the By-Laws and Title 68, Chapter 53