Welcome to Paupackan Lake!

PaupackanLake.com is the official site for residents of Paupackan Lake – located in beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Paupackan Lake is a private community and is governed by the Paupackan Lake Association.  Maintaining the health and integrity of the lake is of utmost importance to the Association.  Surrounding the lake are various important infrastructures, such as the roads system and security for the members and the association assets.  Recently, a grass-roots group of members called the Paupackan Lake Community Connection has organized many activities to create more community engagement and improve the Association’s amenities.

We’re excited about offering website association services and consider it a valuable amenity for the Paupackan Lake community. For an overview of the service and a few ideas as to how it can help save you time and get you connected with your community, simply click Sign-In to access and explore Paupackan Lake‘s website services today.

The Office is Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday

7:30 am – 3:30 pm

PLA Office: (570) 226-3424

Public Safety: (570) 226-5385