The PLA Speed limit is 15 mph     

Speed Limit at bridge and beach is 5 mph

Vehicles that do not stop for public safety will be fined. Should you get stopped or are questioned by any PLA public safety officer, please provide the information requested. If you or your guest is unwilling or unable to provide the requested information, you may be asked to leave the community. This is to help protect PLA and your home.

All Public Safety vehicles are equipped with video cameras for safety. In addition, PLA is protected by a video system at the beach office areas and in remote locations. 

The office must be notified of any contractors working on your property. Be prepared to provide the contractor’s name, phone number and address.

To report issues or violations to PLA Public Safety, call the office at 570-226-3424.  Provide your name, phone number, address and the issue. You will get a call back when an officer is on duty. You can also e-mail is a member incident form at the office that must be completed in writing in order for us to respond

For emergencies, dial 911