Paupackan Lake Association
Winter 2022

Enclosed please find both your invoice and the census form for 2023 enclosed. Census form – Please submit your census form. In an effort to make everyone’s lives easier, specific vehicle, boat, ATV, and golf cart information is only needed if you are removing or adding one of these items. Otherwise, if you have no changes, just complete the top portion of the form. Remember, the stickers issued in 2022 are good for 2023 as well.

Lake – The harmful algae bloom (HAB) has cleared with the cold weather. The Lake
Committee and board are developing a monitoring plan with the Pocono Lake
Ecological Observatory Network (PLEON) at Lacawac Sanctuary. This will potentially
involve monthly sampling during the summer months. The plan will not prevent a HAB,
but we should be able to notify members in a more timely fashion when hazards exist
and determine potential actions that can be taken to improve our lake. There is not
much regulatory guidance as-to whether fish can be eaten; swimming can take place,
etc. We will share the advice we receive from our consultants, and you will have to
make your own decision. As always, all common property is used at your own risk.
There will be signs posted at the boat launch and beach parking lot that were developed
by the PA DEP – presently we are in a HAB watch. If conditions worsen the advisory
sign will be posted and lastly the warning sign will be posted when HAB toxicity is a
hazard. The signs describe the various limitations and can also be found on the PA
DEP HAB website.

Septic Inspections – The leading cause of HAB is an excess of nutrients in the water.
These nutrients can come from various sources. We have sampled the Purdy Creek,
which supplies the lake and determined it is not a source. No property owners should be
using fertilizer since that can contribute nutrients. But the largest source of nutrients is
most likely septic leakage. As a reminder all members must either have their septic
inspected or pumped by March 31, Q023 or a fine will be issued. The lake is our most
important resource and must be protected.

Respect – Please show respect for your community by cleaning up after your pets and
not littering. Please respect our employees, they are only doing the job that has been
assigned them, Lisa, Louis and John do a fantastic job, but many times are yelled at,
called names, .threatened, etc. We have a zero tolerance policy if our employees are
harassed or threatened. Lastly, respect the rules. This means-don’t feed wildlife,
especially ducks at the beach. This-leads to droppings on the beach and increases the
risk of eColi in the beach area.

FrontSteps – Is one of the official communication tools of the Association. In order to
access the FrontSteps website portal you must supply an email address. You can have
one FrontSteps account per tax map number. If you have any issues registering with
Front Steps, contact Lisa in the office and she will help you complete the registration

Volunteers – We would like to thank all of our volunteers that provide their expertise and
time. This includes committee members, those that help at events, workdays, etc. So far
we have 27 volunteers on the board and 10 committees. The actual committee
application process is over but we are always looking for more help. Remember, “Many
hands make light work.”

Improvements – Speaking of Volunteers – Volunteers are in the process of renovating
the office basement to significantly improve our Community room. Upon completion it
will have a handicap accessible bathroom, more open space and an improved
appearance. The new HVAC system has been installed in the office and basement; this
heat pump system should pay for itself in 5 years. Volunteers also answered the call to
spread rubber chips on the playground, remove the raft and docks, and install the snow
fence at the beach. This work took only a few hours, but saves the association money
(keeping dues stable) and builds our community spirit. THANK YOU!

*Please, return the basketballs on the-new court to the designated baskets when you are finished with them.

We would like to thank those board members whose term expires at the end of 2022. They include:
• Michael Mundy who has served several terms on the board and has been Board Secretary for the past several years, as well as point of contact for all insurance matters. Mike also volunteers on several committees and coordinates the Earth Day clean up.
• Clive Pearce who stepped up to fill in for an open position on the board. Clive has been an active volunteer as well.

Please welcome the 2023 board, who had their reorganization meeting on November 19, 2022 to select officers.
President – Charles Marsh
Vice President – Rita Tomlinson
Treasurer – Carol Caroll
Secretary – Ann Ellison
Director at Large – David Biehl
Director at Large – William Fisher
Director at Large – Francis Minien

Please support these volunteers as they continue the work of previous boards in maintaining financial stability and making improvements to our community.